Situated downtown Bucharest, the ensemble of historical monuments CAPITOL Cinema (LMI B-II-m-B-18683) and CAPITOL Summer Theatre (LMI B-II-m-B-19202) occupies the plot of land between 36 Elisabeta Bd. and 13 C-tin Mille St.

In 2017-2018, Save or Cancel proposes a cultural heritage awareness and sensitization campaign, with an application on Capitol Cinema / Summer Theatre, revealing the economic, social and educational potential of all abandoned cultural spaces in Romania, and the involvement of artists and the local community in trans-sectorial, multi-disciplinary, collaborative projects.

4 conferences, 3 art installations, 4 exhibitions and 4 open calls for projects and ideas will reactivate the collective memory, reintegrating the monuments in the public circuit through democratic reinterpretations of the cultural space, exploring the links between art, nature and the city.

the campaign objectives

  • attracting new audiences for alternative cultural and heritage spaces.
  • audience awareness towards cultural heritage, revealing its potential for the independent cultural sector.
  • promoting contemporary local creations and supporting of young artists.
  • the promotion of creativity as a sustainable alternative to the institutionalized abandonment of heritage.

CAPITOL is a remarkable ruin that has the potential to socially, and economically reactivate the community.

The project proposes raising awareness amid artists, cultural promoters and of the community to identify innovative models of adaptive re-use of heritage, a democratic, sustainable exercise. The acute need for independent spaces dedicated to culture is accentuated by the closure of a large number of cultural spaces, especially cinemas, theatres and art galleries, as a result of the 282/2015 law.


  • the investigation, re-use and promotion of heritage participates in the urban regeneration and social and economic transformation of the community;
  • investing in artistic ecosystems;
  • facilitating collective processes, co-creation;
  • undertaking mobile and ephemeral initiatives: the use and integration of the façade in human-scale projects which become urban signals;
  • pop-up, temporary actions, which can be presented itinerant.
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urban signal I – artistic installation
Heritage Reactivation: challenges and benefits @ CNDB – 27 May, 19:00


Cinema Capitol @ Someș Delivery , Cluj- 17-18 June


Exhibition & cinema CAPITOL @ Plaja de Carte, Vama Veche – 4-6 August

OPEN CALL II artistic intervention & photography – 14-28 August

urban signal I – installation by Pisica Pătrată @ CAPITOL Summer Theatre



OPEN CALL III poem – 11-29 September

urban signal II – #FLUID performance & Capitol Continuun artistic installation @ CAPITOL Summer Theatre



Paint-a-Monument drawing & screen-printing workshop for children

Missing Cultural Spaces in Bucharest: Trials and Threats conference, itinerant exhibition & booklet launch, in collaboration with Teatrul Mic



OPEN CALL III – architecture



conference / workshop



urban signal III – artistic installation

itinerant exhibition – Timișoara



conference / workshop @ ArCub



itinerant exhibition

booklet launch

Historic timeline

Capitol istoric-1912


The Rampa newspaper announces the opening of the Classic Cinema on Saturday, 26 May: „Two young artists, Ms. Nicolae Grigorescu from the National Theater and Mănescu, a distinguished sculptor, took the initiative to build a great theater-cinema.”

Capitol Nenciulescu istoric-1916


Architect Nicolae Nenciulescu builds the Alhambra Summer Theatre, now called Capitol.


Capitol Henriette Delavrancea istoric-1941


Architect Henriette Delavrancea Gibory redesigns the façade and foyer of the Cinema Capitol in a modernist style.


Capitol istoric-1960


Nationalization: The Capitol Cinema and the Alhambra Summer Theatre are owned by the state. In 1990, the ensemble closes and goes out of the public circuit.

Capitol istoric-2020


The Independent Campaign for Reactivation, initiated by Save or Cancel, analyzes the phenomenon of cultural hub, proposing the rehabilitation of the heritage spaces.

Save or Cancel ne cheamă în față la Cinema / Teatrul de vară Capitol, pentru a ne aminti de potențialul economic, social și educațional al tuturor spațiilor culturale abandonate din România, prin implicarea artiștilor și a comunității locale în cadrul unor proiecte trans-sectoriale, multidisciplinare, colaborative.

Cele mai frumoase cărți din România

O nouă intervenție la Teatrul de vara Capitol menită să sensibilizeze trecătorii față de patrimoniul construit

Pisica Pătrată

Un Capitol deschis! Bucharest Broadway open soon!

Teodor Frolu
Arhitect The Ark

Organizarea primelor spectacole de cultură cinematografică sub genericul “Prietenii filmului” a început la 24 februarie 1962, în sala actualului cinematograf Capitol, cu un program dedicat lui Ion Popescu Gopo, şi a continuat […]

Cinemateca Română

Teatrul de vară Capitol este într-adevăr unul din cele mai spectaculoase locuri din Bucureşti.

Vlad Sebastian Rusu
Arhitect Palatul Cultural Blaj

About Save or Cancel

Since 2008, Save or Cancel is a medium of communication and propagation of arts and culture, facilitating their role in the contemporary society.

Self-initiated multidisciplinary programs by Save or Cancel support the development of the contemporary society by identifying opportunities for sustainable and adaptable (re) valorization of culture.

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Thank you for your interest in CAPITOL Cinema / Summer Theatre. Send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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