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Cinema Capitol at the beach @ Plaja de Carte, Vama Veche

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Cinema Capitol at the beach ☀️

4-6 August // 11:00-23:00
🏖 Plaja de Carte, Vama Veche


For 3 days, Vama Veche’s Plaja de Carte is transformed into an outdoor art cinema 📽, where visitors can see, for free, movies and short films that have different connections and interactions with the Capitol Cinema / Summer Theatre in Bucharest.


Enjoy the Black Sea Waves 🌊, a spectacular natural setting for movie screenings.

– The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces (1988, United States) by William H. Whyte
– Auto-Ceva film (2009, Germany / Romania) by Felix Grimm

– Short film Up Stairs (2017, Bucharest) by Alina Uşurelu and Irina Marinescu
– Short film René (2008, Switzerland) by Tobias Nölle
– Short film Voyage dans la Lune (1902, France) by Georges Méliès

– video Street Delivery Bucharest (2017, Bucharest),
– video Someș Delivery Cluj (2017, Bucharest),
– video cultural hub Cinema / Teatrul de vară Capitol (2017, Bucharest),
– video 41 Cinemas in Bucharest (2017, Bucharest),
– video 38 Theatres in Bucharest (2017, Bucharest),
– video Elisabeta Boulevard – The Cinema Avenue in Bucharest (2017, Bucharest),

Visit the Instagram for images of the places where we present the project and the awareness campaign and awareness campaign against the built-in focus on the CAPITOL Cinema / Summer Theatre.



Graphic design: Acme Industries

Multianual programme co-financed by AFCN.

Parteneri: ArCubCNDB, Cinema Marconi,
Parteneri media:



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